Service is a competitive advantage that can distinguish a corporate from itʼs competitors. Customers willing to contribute and committed more to a company with high commitment in doing their best in servicing their customers. The challenge is, service is more that treating your customers with smile and prompt words. It is a soul, a paradigm, a spirit of striving to craft a smile at your customersʼ face and delight feeling while doing business with you. Even more, the customers are happily spread a good word of mouth about you to others, and leverage your success. Lentera excel your way to reach that goal. Starting with understanding your customers needs, expectations and thought with suitable research and study. Crafting a corporate service strategy that give you a clear service roadmap. Cascading the spirit, knowledge and skill to all people in the company to have the same passion in service. Connect you with your customers with applicable and trusted Customer Relationship System. With experience in many industries, our research, consulting, learning and CRM system will be benefit to your company in reaching your service success.

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Customer Focus

We are focusing our heart, head and hand to serve our customer as our reason of being in the business.

Team Work

Together we can achieve more than anyone can imagine.

High Learning Spirit

We believe knowledge is everywhere and life is a learning process.


We are creative company which will maintain our spirit to give better, more effective and efficient service through innovative and high-spirited people.


A good company relies on people who are professional. Integrity is our standard of professional people as the asset of the company.

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Secangkir Kopi
Untuk Sahabat Customer

Simple Leadership



Calories is an integrated system we develop to support our clients to be able to reach, communicate and engage with their customers through various communication mediums. This system enable them to transfer various information to and from their customers, promote products, services, programs, stimulate loyalty and specific behaviours that will be benefit both for the client and their customers.

Customerʼs Card - Design, Print and Send

SMS notification - Design and activation

Outbound Call for education and telesales Inbound Call for helpline, inquiries and support

E-Mail Notification - Design and Activation


Adults want to change by beginning with accepting the person who is invited the change. And get the benefits of such changes through the learning process to get the environment that supports the changes. Once you get the changes, you forget the old ways and use the new ones. Lentera is committed to be side by side with their clients in achieving the vision. To do this, Lentera provides experience the change process which is effective and fun. We use “Experiential Learning Approach” which most suitable for adult learning process to generate optimal impact of a training.

In all learning process, we focusing on 4 fundamental things that service person should have to maximize their contribution to company success, attitude, knowledge, skill and spirit.

Our Learning Process are INSIGHTFUL, SIMPLE, PRACTICAL and FUN ;
- Our learning process is insightful. We are focusing to deliver our customer expectation of the training and help them to maximize behavior change on the job right after the learning process.
- We deliver the message with simple way, using daily customer language. Our Facilitator will use daily examples and stories to be easily understood by each level of audience.
- We emphasis on self trial and role play to help audience ready to use the new way of doing or skill. It’s practical.
- We strive to have a fun learning environment start with a fun facilitators, fun games and activities and attractive visual aids.

Understanding your customers and how they value your product and service is a key to your success to fulfill and exceed their expectations. We conduct studies to understand and capture customer’s behavior and preferences with both quantitative and qualitative research to fit your need of specific insights. Our wide coverage through out Indonesia and range of methodologies will help our client to gather qualified information to feed their business decision.

Your service delivery to your customers should be guard by an effective service audit activities to monitor it’s standard delivery and satisfaction. We conduct many mystery shoppers event for our clients to support their service monitoring steps as this methodology was strongly recommended to be objectively sees your service from your customer’s experience point of view. We do deliver customer satisfaction, loyalty and feedback studies to get insightful information to develop service strategies in our clients’ organization. Surveys, Focus Group Discussion and In Depth Interview are methodologies we use to maximize the result.

Build a service culture is not a one day work. It is a journey to walk with commitment of your entire company’c component, strategy, people, system and product. We helping our customer walk this journey to reach their service vision start from understanding their customers and them selves, crafting a service strategy for their service delivery and cascade them into everyday activities and monitor it’s effectiveness and consistency. We use R.O.A.D ( Research, Outline, Activate and Delivery ) approach which become Lentera’s popular service consultancy approach

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